The MotionMonitor JumpPro

assessing biomechanical and neuromuscular performance

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Why The MotionMonitor?

The MotionMonitor JumpPro offers a research quality data with a streamlined process for analyzing a player’s strength and power. Real-time capabilities allow for viewing of data in live-mode as well as immediately after recording the counter movement, squat and drop jumps. The instant feedback is invaluable to coaches and player engagement. The data outputs provide valuable metrics for use in return-to-play decisions, improving player performance, injury prevention and strength & conditioning programs. 

What It Includes:

  • Touch Screen Data Acquisition Computer
  • One or Two Forceplate configurations from the leading forceplate manufacturers
  • HD Digital Video Camera
  • The MotionMonitor JumpPro Software 
  • On-site Training
  • 1st Year Maintnenace, Subscription & Support Program
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Features That Make a Difference

The MotionMonitor provides a complete solution to facilitate setup, data collection and comprehensive assessment of stregth and power, all in real-time.  The MotionMonitor JumpPro features many uniques capabilites such as:

Intuitive Work Flow

Ensure a fast, error-free setup with predefined toolbars to control data collection. With it's automated setup, collection and storage, coaching staff can screen large numbers of players in minimal time.

Customizable & Expandable

Expand analsyes to meet the unique needs of your organization.  Add functionalities such as balance assessment & customized reports.  Upstream data to Kinduct or SmartBase.   Add motion capture for kinematic an kinetic analysis or integrate EMG to assess muscle recruitment.

Powerful Analysis

Access over 50 Metrics during a countermovement, squat or drop jump.  View  graphial display of ground reaction forces for an intuitive understanding of the speed of force generation.  Capture synchronous digital video for visual reference of athlete's biomechanical form.  Telestrator features enhance communication with the athlete.

Research Quality

The MotionMonitor  system has been accepted and used by the research community for over 20 years with numerous publications in research journals worldwide. Each system includes access to a knowledgeable team of engineers, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

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