Balance and Posture Assessment

Balance Assessment

  • Analyze and track changes in your subject's biomechanical capabilities, monitor muscle recruitment and analyze sensory organization.
  • Utilize integrated forceplates to obtain data including forces, moments, and center of pressure.
  • Obtain kinematic variables including body and segment's center of mass and sway characteristics.
  • Apply The MotionMonitor Biofeedback Module's tones and visual cues to track and extend range of motion for any body segment, monitor the timing and existence of muscle recruitment, and optimize balance strategies.

Balance Assessment

This is an image showing two balance trials for a healthy male subject. The graphs on the far left represent a trial where the subject's eyes are closed, while the graphs on the right are captured with the subject's eyes open.  The data shows the entire body's center of mass displacement and the center of pressure scatter plot. 



Realtime Biofeedback is given with the subject's Center of Pressure from AMTI's force plate as the "Chasing Cursor." The subject is presented with visual targets and success tones as cues.

Full-body kinematics are tracked using Vicon Bonita cameras and eye gaze position is captured using SR Research's Eyelink II system. All data is synchronously collected and immediately view-able after collection.
Watch a live Biofeedback trial from The MotionMonitor® software


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