EMG Software for synchronous collection with kinematic data


  • Collect surface or in-dwelling EMG from Delsys, Noraxon, Run Technology or Biopac systems.
  • Filter signals with Low Pass, High Pass, and Notch filter settings.
  • Use proprietary algorithms to optimize filter settings in the presence of electromagnetic noise.
  • Report signals in the frequency domain for analyses involving frequency shifts.
  • Rectify and apply a moving RMS to the EMG signal.
  • Integrate and synchronize EMG data with forceplate, kinematic, and video data within The MotionMonitor®.

EMG Software

Here is an image showing the results of selecting the EMG data in the dialogue window for a landing activity. The graphs display Raw data, RMS, and PSD of the EMG signal for the medial head of the gastrocnemius with low pass and high pass filtering enabled.

Click here to watch EMG collections during gait and balance activities

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