• Track full body motion for evaluation, assessment and training purposes. 
  • Establish design limits for jobs using Snook or OSHA tables for manual material handlers.
  • Monitor exposure in terms of frequency or percent of time spent in positions exceeding job limits. 
  • Provide real-time biofeedback for behavioral modification and conditioning.
  • Add EMG, forceplates and force transducers to monitor joint force and moments and make The MotionMonitor system a complete ergonomics evaluation system.

  • Balance AssessmentThe image to the left displays the worker's trunk and upper arm being tracked to assess shoulder elevation angle and activity while the worker collects common shipping materials in the warehouse. The skeletal animation represents the worker's 3D movements. The animation in the bottom left provides feedback on elevation zones, switching from green to red as the subject moves into positions exceeding design limits. The data graphs display data on current elevation angle, peak angles experienced during data collection, and a histogram of time spent in the three elevation zones. 


The tetherless Polhemus G4 electromagnetic sensors are used to track the thorax and humerus of the subject while The MotionMonitor collects and reports shoulder Range of Motion as a worker selects packaging in an industry store-room.

Watch a live trial in an industrial store-room



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