EyeLink© II
Eye-tracking & 3D Gaze

Eye Tracking

  • Track right eye, left eye, 3D gaze, or cyclopean eye vectors.
  • Calibrate using standard EyeLink© II procedures.
  • Compute gaze vector/plane intersections using drop-down menus.
  • Report data in any reference frame including world, head, or defined planes of any size or number to represent tables, walls, floor, or computers.
  • Eyelink II SoftwareTrack head orientations using Vicon, Optitrack, Qualisys and Motion Analysis Corp passive markersets,  Ascension Flock of Bird magnetic trackers, Polhemus Liberty magnetic trackers or Optotrak 3020 & Optotrak Certus active markers.
  • Collect full body kinematics & gaze during gait, balance, or eye-hand coordination studies.
  • Include data from EMG, force plates, event markers, and integrated video.
  • Combine with stereoscopic displays for tracking virtual objects in neuroscience studies.

Eye Tracking Software

A subject reaches to 2D targets on a screen which is displayed as the red vision plane in the Animation Window to the left. The eye gaze position is tracked during the target reaching task, with data on 3D eye and target immediately available after collection. 

Watch a live eye tracking collection from The MotionMonitor® software


The MotionMonitor is used for obstacle navigation with realtime gait analysis and eye-tracking using Vicon cameras and SR Research's Eyelink II system. Obstacles are digitized to determine their location in 3D space and data is output of the 3D eye position relative to the obstacles.


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