Knee Analysis

Knee Analysis

  • Analyze kinematic data and perform interactive real-time collections from a wide array of supported optical and electromagnetic tracking systems.
  • Register CT-MRI scans and track internal landmarks, define joint centers and coordinate systems as well as identify ligament insertion points.
  • Collect surface or indwelling EMG from any analog EMG device or digital EMG data from Noraxon and Delsys EMG systems. 
  • Analyze data via dropdown menus including Spoor and Veldpaus helical axes calculations.
  • Balance Assessment

In the image to the left CT scans from a femur and tibia containing flags of reflective markers attached to the bones. The MotionMonitor software then extracted, in real-time, the important landmarks such as femoral head, condyle centers, long axis, mechanical axis and joint center of rotation.   




A subject performs a drop-land activity using Ascension Technology's electromagnetic TrakSTAR system and a Bertec forceplate with The MotionMonitor. Kinematic and force data is immediately view-able after collection. 

Watch a live Dropland trial from The MotionMonitor® software


Click here to watch more videos of knee mechanics during gait and posture

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