The MotionMonitor® and Motor Control

Motor Control Module

The MotionMonitor with it's motor control module provides methods for creation of visual, audio, and tactile stimulus while collecting subject response to that stimulus.  Responses can include EEG to measure brain function, EMG to measure muscle recruitment and motion capture system hardware to track general kinematic movement of the subject.  Add eye tracking or other physiologic monitors for a complete motion capture system.

  • Generate visual, audio, and tactile "stimulus" signals using 2D or 3D visualization.
  • Mark time between events of interest using pressure and light switches.
  • Track the occurrence and timing of EMG response.
  • Monitor kinematic response with graphs of segment trajectories together with their linear and angular velocities and accelerations, computing values relative to any reference frame.
  • Automatic synchronization of all data collected during the trial.
  • Automatic alignment across subjects and trials.

This image displays the EMG and kinematic response to visual stimuli in the form of an LED light switch. When the switch was activated as indicated in the first graph, the subject reached to activate a pressure switch as shown in the second graph. Shoulder flexion, hand velocity / acceleration and EMG data are plotted in the remaining graphs.

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