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The MotionMonitor Applications

The MotionMonitor xGen provides real-time solutions in a wide range of applications that involve the study of human motion. The MotionMonitor xGen was designed to analyze all aspects of human motion beginning with the external stimulii that might effect human motion; the measurement and visualization of brain activity in response to that simulii; followed by the measurement and analysis of the muscle recruitment necessary to effect movement; and, finally to report the standard kinematics and joint forces that result. The stimulii are monitored in various formats ranging from one-dimensional targets to 3D immersive virtual worlds created in WorldViz and Unity. Visual Stimuli are presented on simple flat screens, head mounted displays, stereoscopic projection screens and the ultimate, Bertec Immersive Dome. Brain activity is synchronously captured from 3 different EEG systems providing the ability to easily identify events and correlate movement. Muscle recruitment is measured physically by all of the leading EMG systems. Additionally, individual muscle activity can be modeled with an integrated Muscle Model featuring user defined optimization routines. Inverse dynamics are derived from data collected with 10 different motion capture systems and all of the leading forceplate producers. The MotionMonitor xGen software is unparalleled in the breadth of technologies used to capture data and the depth of analyses that it includes. Review the following study areas for more details.

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Biomechanics & Life Sciences

The MotionMonitor xGen is ideally positioned for life science studies ranging from orthopaedics to kinesiology, exercise science, athletic training, strength & conditioning and sports medicine.  Features include:

  • Access to kinematic and kinetic data with no programming

  • A wide range of visualization methods to facilitate teaching and learning.

  • Real time tracking of joint angles, forces and moments

  • Ability to augment drop-list data with user defined data and scripts

  • CT-MRI Registration for subject specific visualizations and landmark tracking

  • Tracking and visualization of individual bones of the feet, hands and spine

  • Integrated Muscle Modeling

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Neuroscience & Motor Control

The study of motor control benefits from the variety of hardware and analyses built into The MotionMonitor xGen.  These include:

  • EEG/qEEG collection, processing and event marking

  • Eye tracking with computation, animation and analysis of 3D Gaze Data

  • Biofeedback providing visual, audio and haptic feedback without programming

  • Virtual Reality includig bi-directional data exchange with WorldViz and Unity

  • Integrated Research Environment (IRES) with virtual reality dome and self paced walking on instrumented treadmills

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Rehabilitation & Ergonomics

Physical Therapist, Athletic Trainers & Ergonomists can benefit from the capabilities of The MotionMonitor xGen.

  • Assess progress in Gait and Balance rehab

  • Monitor timing and existence of muscle recruitment with EMG feedback

  • Monitor exposure to unhealthy work positions

  • Use special purpose training applications like the Treadmill Trainer & Scapula Trainer

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Sports Biomechanics

The MotionMonitor will both monitor and enhance performance.  Track and animate sport objects for golf, batting, pitching, tennis, bowling, and biking.  

  • Biofeedback exercises to enhance visual response, eye-hand coordination, movement patterns using audio feedback

  • Support for creation of special purpose apps such as Jump Analysis Pro

  • Digital Video & Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) to permit data collection in the field

  • User-defined icons to optimize setup, recording & analyses for efficient and robust use

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