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...MotionMonitor® configurations at leading clinical and academic research sites

Client Case Studies

Below are a few examples of how the MotionMonitor® has been configured to meet specific client needs at leading clinical and academic research sites. Click on the "Read More" link to access a complete Case Study. For more information on application specific configurations see Integrated Systems . Call one of our Client Support Engineers at (773) 244-6470 to discuss a configuration appropriate for your needs and to obtain a quotation.



Rush University Medical CenterRush University Medical Center 

Rush University Medical Center in Chicago recently installed a motion capture system consisting of 12 OQUS 300 cameras, QTM tracking software, Noraxon's Telemyo DTS EMG system, Bertec force plates, Novel's Pedar and The MotionMonitor® Acquisition, Analysis and Visualization software.

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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill SMRLUNC-Chapel Hill SMRL

The Sports Medicine Research Laboratory (SMRL) at the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill is devoted to identifying risk factors and the prevention of sports related injuries.  The SMRL's research examines joint kinematics and kinetics, both in the lab and out in the field. 

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Université de Québec à MontréalUniversité de Québec à Montréal

Functional mobility has long been a topic of interest for researchers. If you consider the number of veterans that are returning with amputations, the availability of new treatments to help patients diagnosed with degenerative disorders for managing their symptoms and the fact that the global life expectancy is continuing to lengthen, it should also come as no surprise that research pertaining to mobility has not waned. This is evident by fact that the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) has helped fund a Research Team in Mobility and Aging. The goals for this project include the identification of factors that could impede mobility and to understand factors linked to reduced mobility in elders. 

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