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The MotionMonitor Bike Fit System

  • Track and analyze the rider's bi-lateral 3D position and orientation on the bike as you adjust bike settings in real-time.  Simultaneous bi-lateral collection reveals the effect that changes addressing one side of the body have on the other side of the body.  Select analysis panels with a click of a button.
  • View 3D skeletal animations, humanoids, or stick figures in real-time to ensure proper setup and to make live fit adjustments.  Capture and view synchronous digital video along with the displayed animation.
  • View 2D and 3D traces of hip, knee, and ankle from pre-selected front, side, and top-view perspectives or "fly around" the animation to view from your chosen perspective.
  • Move through the fitting process from hardware activation and subject setup to reporting of bike dimensions by simply clicking the desired icons.  Easy to use, no programming.


  • Optical tracking at 120 measurements per second with sub-millimeter accuracy provides the resolution necessary to identify the small movements and accelerations that differentiate elite and amateur riders.
  • Include up to 3 HD digital cameras to record synchronous views of the rider.
  • Expand the system with capabilites such as analysis of muscle activity (EMG), power meters, etc.

Recorded Activity - Data Ranges for PrePost Analysis - New Rider

Marker clusters are attached to the pelvis, thighs, shanks, and feet bilaterally. The skeletal animations are displayed in real-time. 2D traces of the hip, knee, and ankle are viewed from a front, side, and top-view perspective. Digital video can be synchronously collected and played back alongside the skeletal animations.






View changes in data in real-time as you modify bike settings.  A single click of the data tabs bring up a different data panel.  These include joint flexion, rotation, and abduction angles as well as hip motion.

Bike Dimensions



Measure bike dimensions pre- and post-fit. Bike components are digitized before and after fit adjustments.

System Includes:

  • Laptop Computer with The MotionMonitor Bike Fit Software: Laptop comes pre-configured with all software and hardware installed.
  • Camera System: (6) 1.3 Megapixel or greater cameras, marker data captured at 120 frames per second or greater.
  • Digitizing Stylus and Marker Clusters: Includes clusters for pelvis, thighs, shanks, and feet to allow for quick subject setup.
  • Remote Mouse: To control the software when digitizing the bike and setting up the subject.
  • Mounting Hardware: Aluminum truss and mounting hardware for 6 cameras.
  • Consulting and Support: The MotionMonitor team will provide guidance and support throughout the lifetime of your system.

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