Data Sets


...available for use in The MotionMonitor for Research or Scholastic


1.    ScholasticSampleFiles - These are a set of sample files that include 20 activity files generated by clients over the years together with preference files for each that can act as a template and introduction for the user.   The activities include balance assessment, walking, lifting, reaching, grasping, eye tracking, CT/MRI Registration, golf, and throwing.  This data set is downloaded automatically with The MotionMonitor software and is available at no cost.

2.    Normative Gait Data - These data files include 5 trials of bimodal gait collected from each of 26 healthy young adults with no lower extremity abnormality.  Data was collected with Motion Analysis cameras and Helen Hayes marker set, Bertec forceplates and Delsys Bagnoli EMG.  The data set includes preference files with pre-selected computations of typical kinematic, kinetic and emg data.  Data Reduction can be used to normalize data and ensemble average output.   See UWL Gait Study for complete details on the collection of this data.