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The MotionMonitor Manual Therapy Product

Providing objective data for teaching & practice

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    Mobilization and manipulation techniques require the application of force at precise speeds. The MotionMonitor Manual Therapy system can accelerate the learning process by providing the tactile, audio, and visual feedback necessary to learn such a complex motor skill. This turnkey system includes a pre-configured handheld transducer and The MotionMonitor Toolbox software to track force and impulse data during real-time exercises. 

  • Analyze true applied force by positioning the transducer in the palm of the hand during mobilization.
  • Toggle between different icons which activate exercises that provide feedback on force and the spped of application. 
  • Create force and impulse targets and monitor performance in real-time.
  • Capture and load expert data, providing the ability to immediately compare novice and expert manual therapy applications.

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This image displays one of the real-time data views within Toolbox: the top graph schows The MotionMonitor Force Tracker in Newtons, and the bottom shows the Impulse of the top graph, taking into account the force's velocity and magnitude.

Expert Data

This image displays a recording of a beginner in green with an overlay of an expert's Force and Impulse data in red. From these data, the begineer can compare how he/she is performing the critical elements of force and the speed of its application. Armed with this information, they can make decisions on which exercises to practice.


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