The MotionMonitor® with The Physical Therapy Application Suite

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Physical Therapy Application Suite

PT Report Generator

PT Application Suite  

The MotionMonitor® with The Physical Therapy Application Suite provides clinicians with objective data regarding the patient's condition before and after therapy. Track Range of Motion, Tremor, Cobb and Kyphosis angles and perform Gait Analysis, Balance Assessment, Spine Assessment, Lift Training, Golf Analysis and Biofeedback Training all in one package. Generate consistent results clinician to clinician. Compare outcomes to normative data bases. 

Suite of Applications

  • Gait Assessment
  • Balance Assessment
  • Biofeedback Training
  • Goniometer
  • Tremor Measurement
  • Scoliosis Measurement
  • Cervo Testing
  • Spine Assessment
  • ...Plus More

Enhance Revenue

  • Faster setup and reporting improves productivity
  • Generate reports for Functional Capacity Evaluations
  • Generate revenue from non-insurance programs with The LiftTrainer and The SwingTrainer

Full Support

  • One button activation with guided steps shortens learning time
  • Video help files provide immediate explanations
  • On-site installation and training
  • Unlimited phone and email support program

Physical Therapy Application Suite Applications

Gait Assessment
Monitor ankle, knee and hip moments, stride length, stance time, foot angles and other gait related data while walking, running or stair stepping. Use on a walk-way with a forceplate or on a treadmill to do fatigue assessment.

Balance Assessment
Quickly measure patient Limits of Stability using protocols which isolate proprioceptive, vestibular and visual cues. Comparisons to normal tables help the clinician assess and recommend therapies to treat balance disorders.

Take fast, accurate and repeatable measures of standard goniometric angles to assess range of motion actively, passively or dynamically while performing exercises. Angles are reported as described in Norkin and White's, A Guide to Goniometry 2nd Ed.

Biofeedback Training
Enhance clinician productivity and enhance the effectiveness of exercise regimens. The biofeedback trainer enables the clinician to establish training session in which “success” and/or “fail” tones sound when exercise regimens are achieved or missed.

The SwingTrainer
Monitor motion associated with golf, baseball, tennis or hockey and track the club or racquet in order to assess its effect on the subject's biomechanics. Track range of motion, forces and moments created on the subject by the activity and object. Evaluate the outcome of a change in swing mechanics on both the subject and their performance.

The LiftTrainer
Modify worker's lifting behavior in ways that reduce the amount of stress by 10-50% in a single 30 minute session. Designed for repetitive manual material handling tasks, The LiftTrainerTM protocol can be used both as a preventative tool or a re-training tool following injury. It employs biofeedback tones that are based on the amount of stress being exerted on L5/S1 and one-on-one coaching to guide the subject to lifting strategies appropriate for the work task.

Scoliosis Measurements
Track Cob and Kyphosis angles over time in a clinical setting. Fast and easy to use, The MotionMonitorTM reports the angle and end vertebrae using the Cobb method without the need for repeated x-rays.

Tremor Measurement
Objectively measure the severity of tremor in MS patients and eliminate inter-rater subjectivity and error associated with conventional clinical scales. Tracks changes in amplitude and frequency over time.

Low Back Injury Tracking
Track patient rehabilitation progress following low back injury with objective measures of range of motion, angular velocity and acceleration. Trunk motions conducted in controlled protocols have been demonstrated to accurately classify degrees of injury in large group studies.

Cervicocephalic Kinesthetic Measurement
Quantitatively measure changes in neck proprioception associated with rehabilitation programs for chronic neck pain.

Functional Capacity Evaluation Reporting
Use any of the above applications as part of the FCE testing. Patient values are compared to normal values for other workers in comparable workplace settings for an objective measure of the patient's capacity.

Landmark Location Trainer
Measure you student's ability to palpate landmarks established previously by the instructor. Using a tracking sensor, the student located the landmarks of interest while The MotionMonitorTM reports the distance between landmark and tracking sensor.

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