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The MotionMonitor IRES Project

The MotionMonitor Integrated Research Environment System

The IRES system provides researchers and clinicians with tools that simplify the acquisition and analysis of human motion in complex environments that are not readily duplicated in real life. The IRES environment can be modified and controlled using bi-directional communication with Unity3D virtual immersive worlds and Bertec's instrumented treadmill with pitch and roll motion base. While the live environment is presented, the system records the subject's kinematic and physiological responses to that environment. The research-grade data produced by these tools permit the researcher to evaluate the effectiveness of motor learning and rehabilitative protocols.

The IRES system allows you to:

  • Utilize a research-grade, real-time motion capture system where you have control of your data. All software routines (from synchronicity, to co-location, to biomechanical modeling and analysis) are documented and can be validated by the user, so that you can have confidence you'll end the experiment with high-quality data.
  • Expand the type of studies you can build. The ability to access user-defined data from any data stream in real-time, and to use these variables to control other data sources (treadmill, virtual reality, etc), which provides a flexible system for diverse faculty & student research.
  • Unify your research initiatives. The MotionMonitor platform used in the IRES system, supports a wide variety of hardware and applications; a common software platform supports more collaborations, reduces redundant hardware investments, and results in more publications.
  • Invest in a system that can expand over time. The continual growth of The MotionMonitor means you'll be able to seamlessly utilize the next new technology, without the development costs.

Tailor the setup for your needs, from targets based on a single variable...


To multi-variable 3D targets on a projection screen...


Or to a fully immersive dome with Virtual Reality!


The IRES system is built on The MotionMonitor real-time software platform. The MotionMonitor is the result of over 20 years of development and leadership in the motion capture industry. Innovative Sports Training was founded in 1994 when the term "real-time" was barely used, and much less understood, by the research community. The software has evolved continuously since those first days, expanding to support new hardware systems and research applications, always with a focus on real-time data acquisition. The end result today is a system based firmly in research. Every software routine has been developed as the result of working closely with premier researchers worldwide. We don't use the term "research-grade" lightly; we know it's essential that the researcher of today have a validated system that provides the flexibility to answer their questions. The IRES platform provides this flexibility, but all with a user-interface that makes the design, data collection and analysis process efficient for both researchers and clinicians. So you don't need to recreate the wheel- we've made it for you. You just tailor the system to what you need, and focus on the research.