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The MotionMonitor Jump Brochure

The MotionMonitor Jump  

Providing an ideal tool for PTs, ATs, and coaches to quickly assess biomechanical and neuromuscular performance.  

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    In The MotionMonitor Jump Pro, counter movement jumps, squat jumps, and drop jumps are collected and played back immediately with research-grade performance analytics using supported force plate hardware.

    Digital video is displayed synchronously with ground reaction forces to enable a frame-by-frame evaluation of subject biomechanics.   

    Upgrade from a one-plate to two-plate setup to evaluate the symmetry of power generated by left and right legs.

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    The icon driven interface ensures a fast, error free setup that permits you to concentrate on your subject or athlete, rather than hardware and software setup. 

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    Choose your standard display from over 50 statistics that measure different aspects of performance. 

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    The MotionMonitor Jump Research extends these capabilites to include motion tracking for the evaluation of subject kinematics and the effects of fatigue. Add EMG and EEG for greater insights. 

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