The Scapula Trainer

The Scapula Trainer

The Scapula Trainer

Kinematic biofeedback has been shown to provide an effective means for modifying movement patterns in subjects with shoulder deficiency. The MotionMonitor's International Shoulder Group Protocols have been incorporated into a simple-to-use but effective tool that assists the subjects' relearning process. Cueing, real-time feedback, knowledge of results together with subject selected degrees of difficulty combine to facilitate the subject's physiological and biomechanical function.


  • setupeditedUse any of TMM's supported hardware to track thorax, scapula and humerus. Electro Magnetic, Passive Optical or IMU's.
  • Setup Subject using ISG joint coordinate systems for research data or simple T-Pose to measure changes session to session.






  • The Scapula Screening tool can be used to identify the subject's neutral orientation or to establish target orientations.
  • Real-time read-outs let the subject develop a sense of how different orientations "feel".
  • The Clinician can cue the subject on positions or exercises to achieve a desired position.
  • The Exercise Selection tool provides a dialog in which elements of the exercise can be defined.
  • Exercise duration, repetitions and hold periods can be used to establish difficulty of the exercise.
  • A variety of feedback options can be selected including audio, visual and quantitative.                                                                                                                                                                    





  •  Once defined, the Exercise Selection Tool will monitor the exercise providing the designated feedback during the session.
  • Exercises of varying difficulty can be saved as additional icons on the toolbar
  • With a range of exercises having varying degrees of difficulty and varying feedback, the clinician can layout a challenging set of exercise.



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