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On-site Installation & training is intended to ensure data collection on day 1.

The MotionMonitor Support

Our approach to support is designed to ensure that you maximize the benefit of your research dollars. From the initial exploration of hardware options in our training center and the installation and training on your site to priority phone support and annual refresher courses for your students, our goal is to help ensure you are collecting data on day one. Think of us as an extension of your engineering support team.  

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Support Plans

We offer support programs for every situation. The Maintenance, Software Subscription & Support (MS&S) program is designed as a "sleep well" with extended warranties to ensure against hardware failures. Together with our Software Subscription & Support (S&S) programs that provides access to software upgrades as they are released together with priority phone support you are ensured you can use your system to maximim benefit. Our support programs are optional.  And of course email support is always available on all plans.

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Training Videos & Tutorials

Whether you are the type of person that simply jumps into the software or prefer to first read the manual from cover to cover, the videos, tutorials and manuals in this section are a great way to get up and running quickly.  They are short and topic based to help you find answers quickly.  


This section includes a searchable database of knowledge base articles, client research, and frequently asked questions.

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Downloads & Purchases

You can link to the pages below for descriptions of the  products and details on how to purchase and download each