Technical Support Procedures

To make your contact with our Support Engineers most productive for you, please review the following prior to your call.

  1. Know your serial number (either a clear or white label attached to the front or back of the computer) or the cover page of your Owner's Guide. It will ensure that we can quickly find your specific system records.
  2. Describe the symptom in terms of "I executed menu item x and y happened". Statements like "it doesn't work" are too vague and don't provide information that is helpful to solving the problem.
  3. If the issue involves bad data or a problem with processing, please send a zip file (use only windows compression utility) to containing:
  • a bad activity record (filename.iac) that is located in the ...c:\ProgramData\innsport\TMM_xGen\ TheMotionMonitor\user\USERNAME\ activities folder

  • the workspace used to collect the data that is located in  ...c:\ProgramData\innsport\TMM_xGen\ TheMotionMonitor\user\USERNAME\ Workspaces folder