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Eric began using The MotionMonitor classic in early 2001, and his research and applications have been evolving ever since. Early on, Eric recognized that students and clinicians needed an objective tool to develop a sense of their applied force, and speed of application, to learn and master successful mobilizations and manipulation techniques. This classroom application required a portable system with simple to use software interface; requirements which became possible with the evolution of hardware and The MotionMonitor software. In 2016 Eric’s idea became a reality with The MotionMonitor Manual Therapy System. Watch this 2 minute video to see the results of Eric's vision.

Eric Shamus is a Professor and Chair of the department of rehabilitation sciences at Florida Gulf Coast University FGCU), Florida, USA. Prior to FGCU, Dr. Shamus spent 14 years on faculty at Nova Southeastern University teaching in the Physical Therapy and Osteopathic Medicine programs. In Osteopathic principles and practice class, he taught a range of exercise, Sports Medicine, and manual therapy techniques from muscle energy, counterstrain, facilitated positional release, cranial techniques, myofascial release, movement mobilization and HVLA thrust techniques. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy from Florida International University, Masters degree in Biomechanical trauma from Lynn University/University of Miami, in Florida, PhD in Educational Leadership from Lynn University in Florida and his Doctor of Physical Therapy from Sage University In New York. Dr. Shamus is a Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults (CEEAA). Dr. Shamus an author of four textbooks, Effective Documentation for Physical Therapy Professionals, Manual Therapy for the Extremities, The Color Atlas of Physical Therapy, and Sports Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation. He has participated in numerous national and international presentations as well as authoring multiple chapters and journal articles.